Vintage Chair by EnRouteStudio - $450
Retro Magazine Rack by FishboneDeco - $48

Vintage Croquet Set by BohemianVintage1 - $50

Coin Purse by SeventhSphere - $18

Barn Owl Dish Towels by ZenThreads - $8
o rhyme or reason to today's Etsy picks. Just goodies that caught my eye. I'm loving the dish towels! I've got an owl dish towel in my kitchen and it gets oodles of attention! So cute! And that chair? Um... just awesome. ((swooning)). : ) It's proving to be another crazy week. Wow. As everyone knows, our shop's move did not pan out. Unfortunately. However, I am a true believer in the notion that everything happens for a reason. The hubs and I have been thinking long and hard in the past 2 weeks about what our next step should be. It's a tough decision, but the best one for us at this time. We've decided to close down our brick and mortar storefront. But, BV will absolutely continue to be open 100% online, which is how we started to begin with. Our sister business, Brinkey Architecture Studio, will also continue offering interior design and architectural services. I will also continue to offer interior decorating and styling services. So, when I said that BV is absolutely not closing, I meant it. It will live on online!! : ) We had such an awesome ride this past year with the storefront. I met some awesome people who were instrumental in the shop's success. For those folks, I am truly grateful. I also learned a whole lot about myself and about business. It's a dog eat dog world out there, but incredibly rewarding, as well. Our last day at the shop will be Friday, July 23rd... tentatively. May be sooner than that... I'll keep you guys posted.
So... what do I plan to do with my extra time, you ask? Have 400 babies, perhaps? Just kidding!! Actually... about 100 teenage babies. : ) Yes, you heard correctly. I got a pleasant call with an official offer to return to my original profession... teaching. I'm thrilled to get back into the classroom! And I feel ever so blessed to have scored my dream job in this horrible economy! It's a much needed blessing for my family and I and we are so happy to open this next chapter of our lives. : ) Okay... gotta get some sleep now. Until tomorrow...
Happy Decorating!
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