Tiny Twig Pencils by alliebeans - $2/ea.

School Clock by AMradio - $65

Pencil Sharpener by NickandNessies - $15

Pencils Pouch by CutOutAndCollect - $10

Horse Notebook by zoetropa - $8

Chalkboard by JoieDeCleve - $8

I gotta admit, I'm pretty stoked about returning to my original career of teaching this fall. I was always one of those kids too... you know... that got excited about being assigned my textbooks in each class. I know... lame. But, what can I say, I am indeed a geek at heart and proud of it. Shoot, I loved school so much that after high school I went to the University for 4 years and then law school for another 3 years! Then... I was a teacher on top of it all! So, my brain's "year" is August through June, and not the regular January through December mumbo jumbo. : ) Now, surely I enjoyed being out in the "real world" when I worked in the legal field and when I ran the shop. But, I'm ready to go back to where my heart is content... school. : ) So, that feeling is what inspired my Etsy picks today. Now, I know it's only June and I may be jumping the gun here. But, that's what geeks do! We plan ahead! Oooooo.... a planner. I always had one of those too! Still do! : ) Told ya! Total geekazoid over here. Okay... gotta go catch up on my Real Housewives of New Jersey show now. Those chicks are so entertaining! Especially that Danielle character! Holy straight jacket! Whoa... Okay... until tomorrow kids!

Happy Decorating!


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