W hile decorating your home can seem daunting and overwhelming, it need not be. Why re-invent the wheel? Snatch ideas from mags, websites, blogs and even movie and tv show sets. I grabbed the pics above from the House & Home (Canada) website for ideas on decorating a la boheme. : ) Think edgy, soft and grand. Don't be afraid of one gaudy mirror. Really! Don't want to do the gaudy mirror? How about a gaudy chandelier? Gotta have the gaudy... somewhere! : ) Just one piece. If you overdo it, then it will look... eh....um... GAUDY! Duh! So, use it minimally for the boho chic look. Wishing all of you a happy hump (Wednesday) day! I will be liquidating the ol' shop-a-roo today! People have been snatching some pretty decent deals! I'm kinda jealous! Darn! : ) I did snatch some pieces from my shop for myself though. Not gonna lie. Now... if they sell between now and the last day, then... so be it. But, otherwise, they are MINE!! Enjoy the rest of your week!
Happy Decorating!

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