Hi everyone. Before I announce the winner of the glass art can I just say thank you for all the lovely comments about the first-born's guest post on Friday (and yes, I am very proud of her) and your concern about my health (or lack of it, this past week!). You'll be pleased to know I got lots of rest this weekend (not a square of silver leaf in sight, apart from all the bits I'm still vacuuming up!), saw some friends I haven't seen for a while, went to a fantastic glass art exhibition with the MGM, cleaned up my study (it was a train smash)...and I'm feeling a bit better. 
I have a cool project all sorted (in my head at least!) and I've bought what I need to do it. I rearranged the kitchen cupboards (it's a small kitchen and it drives me bonkers!) and pondered my future...which sounds ominous but really isn't...just requires making some plans, taking a few decisions and putting the building blocks in place!
Anyway, enough about me...how about the winner of this...
and it is...
...the incredibly beautiful and talented artist Mariska from I used to be snow white but I drifted.  Richard and I are really pleased this prize is changing hands from one artist to another and while I know Mariska works in vibrant colour we're both hoping that this black and white piece will sit comfortably alongside her beautiful work. Congratulations you gorgeous woman...can you please email me your address so I can wrap this baby up nice and snug and send it across the world!! My friends who've seen this glass on the blog and in my home say the photos don't do it justice, so I do hope you love it Mariska as much as I do.
Thank you so much to everyone for entering and for giving me so much wonderful support. You really are so lovely and I wish I could give you all something other than my thanks. 
Oh, and I finished reading this too...
It was an easy read, but the best part...lots of good recipes!
book cover image from here; a place I spend far too much money!