Take a few minutes out...just for you...even if you're not a Don McLean tragic like me, who happens to know all the words to American Pie! Turn the sound down if you must and just feast on the beauty that comes from the hand, mind and heart of Vincent Van Gogh. This version put together for patients at the Mississippi State Hospital.

You can read more about the amazing masterpieces exhibition that I saw at the National Gallery of Australia here (where Starry Night and other extraordinary works of art were exhibited). 
Thank you to my friend Sally in Canada...I saw this lovely tribute to Vincent on her Facebook page.  Sally and I first met in England in 1990 and we've recently reconnected through another friend Mary (who follows my blog, bless you!...don't you love the interweb!!) Sally is a very talented artist...you can visit her blog My Painting Life here for some more soothing.  And here are a few of her paintings...aren't they wonderful. Canadians are so clever! And nice!
Weekend is nearly here...hope you have a wonderful one...here, there or anywhere!
all images courtesy of Sally Chupick