Gypset Jacket by TavinShop - $200

Grecian Girl Dress by TavinShop - $82

Re-purposed Blouse by Sumomosuki - $55

Blouse by DearGoldenVintage - $ 32

1970s Wedges by DearGoldenVintage - $54

etsy" is what I'm naming today's post. It's a combo between Etsy Tuesday and Bohemian Wednesday! Betsy! : ) At around 3pm yesterday afternoon I caught a 102 degree fever and some serious body aches. Very odd because it just came out of nowhere! Today? I woke up feeling a bit achey, but now? I feel as good as new! Strange, eh? So, anywho, here's today's post! Those wedges? I need those now! Adorable! The gypset coat? To die for cute! I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I've enjoyed finding them for this post. Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone!
Happy Decorating!

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