I don't know why, but I start to feel pretty tired by the time Thursday rolls around...even the vampire slayer and I are sympatico at the moment...and that doesn't happen often believe me. Although she is not meant to be on my bed! Bad cat.
The first born and the 22 year old (collectively but lovingly known as the ferals...which is a highly inaccurate description but I'm keeping it!) would probably say the mid week fatigue is because I'm getting old...maybe...but I'm not in a nursing home yet!
Anyway, I think I'll reserve Thursdays for pretty pictures.  It's easier for me at this stage of the week and probably easier for you too...as I do have a tendency to waffle on a touch! Not today though...here you go...images from one of the books on my bookshelf....
It's got some nice advice...

...and some tranquil spaces

...just what I needed. How about you?

images by me; the book, Australian House and Garden Sanctuary published by ACP Books