Bird Print on Linen - $18

Porcelain Glove Mold - $65

Wicker Mirror - $75

Cottage Beach Table - $225

Wrought Iron Candle Holder - $45

Wall Sconce - $22

Cottage/Shabby Chic Wall Shelf - $42

Chandelier - $225

Garden Kitty Cat- $18
hite. The hue of summer. It's so crisp and clean and lovely. There's no better way to make a space look beachy and fresh than to do something with a white motif. Now, don't misunderstand me, please. I am a total sucker for color. Especially turquoise and yellow! But, I can certainly appreciate the peacefulness that comes with the color white. So, stop into our lovely boutique today and get something white! Not in town? Check us out online, here. : ) See something here that you don't see posted on our online shop? Contact me at and we'll see what we can work out! : ) Don't forget to comment on our RugsUSA blog post for a chance to win a lovely rug. The deadline is next Wednesday, May 26th. Read about it here.
On a different note, we were featured in the awesome new digital magazine, Nesting Newbies, today! We're on page 160 of their Spring 2010 issue! Make sure to check it out here! : ) Thanks NN!! : ) Well, I'm wishing all of you a terrific weekend! The hubs and I are still moving from my old townhouse. Ay ay ay! I'm sooooo sick of all this moving and sweeping and cleaning and mopping. Whew! To think that as soon as we're done with this move, we have to start getting ready to move the shop. Is this ever going to end? I'm really looking forward to August, when all of this will hopefully be past us. Until Monday kids!
Happy Decorating!

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