Sophie is a Project Assistant and has lived in this flat, in Camberwell, with a couple of her pals for just over a year.  Her room is like the rest of the flat, a slightly more mature and very much cleaner version of a student residence. The flat with it's kitsch pictures of half naked ladies, male heart throbs and red wine in the afternoon. And in the bedroom, the Hoff to keep her company.
When I asked Sophie “What one item would you save if your bedroom was on fire?” She replied with much excitement about her one and only love, JR. She said, “One time I left JR in Preston after visiting family and my Dad had to drive three hours back there to get him, if he hadn't the consequences would have been too much to handle. He’s been there all my life. He was my first ever pressie bought for me from a shop called JR (hence the name). Things have come and gone over the years but he’s always been there. I often think if I got married, would it be inappropriate for him to be in bed with me and my Husband?” Only time will tell.