Normally on a Friday I do a 'soul food friday' little attempt at some navel gazing aimed fairly and squarely at know...focusing on what's important, keeping grounded, self improvement, being thankful, making light of things...stuff like that.  But today, having read about this fabulous website somewhere (and how I wish I could remember where!) I just wanted to share some gorgeous pictures instead. There is no theme...although there do seem to be rather a lot of flowers...they just screamed politely put their hand up and said 'pick me please'. So I did. I hope you enjoy them... soul food friday will be on saturday this week...well it will be friday somewhere in the world tomorrow when it's saturday here...won't it?!? Yes of course it will :) Wherever you are, whatever the day...have a lovely one bloggy people. And as John Denver once said "...and I'll try to do the same!" Oh and if you're a complete dag like me, I did a post on John once (just once I promise!)..actually it was images inspired by his lyrics to be can find it here 
all images by photographers represented by Sarah Kaye