The MGM and I are off on a road trip today and four lovely days break from work and (in his case) kids! Actually in my case too...the soon to be 22 year old son is returning to the nest today for a (hopefully) brief interlude in between share I sound like a bad mother?? Nooooo...but it is probably a good time to be going on a short trip while he moves his junk treasures in!
We're heading off to Leura in the Blue Mountains...and here is where we'll be staying...Hurlstone the West Wing no you think Martin Sheen will make a guest appearance?

Looks pretty lovely doesn't it...just right for a bit of romance. I have a new camera so I'm looking forward to trying it out. The laptop will be packed but there may or may not be blogging...depending on aforementioned romance potential!! Sorry loves, but sometimes you must take a back seat :)
Hope you all have very lovely weekends.
all images Hurlstone (but I'll be taking my own when we get there...with my brand new Canon)