Vintage brooches galore!

Vintage books! Sorry... adorable tea cup sold. : (

Vintage rings! $10 each!

Vintage necklaces!! $18-$42

Mid-Century wood buddah - $22

Mirror - $38
Old Door - $65
Blue Chair - $48
Vintage hanging planter- $18

Primitive Table (my giant shadow not included) - $225

Adorable cottage island with curtain panels - $350

Same one... but with the curtains drawn. Sooooo pretty! : )
ou just never know what's going to come through the door when you run a vintage boutique. It's the most exciting thing, I swear. I love it! : ) I think it's the first time I've said I love my job since I taught high school History! : ) I had a lot of crappy jobs in between, but we won't get into that now. : ) Anywho! These are just some of the items that are gracing us with their presence at the shop currently. : ) It's been a pretty busy week around here. Tampa had it's first annual Four Square scavenger hunt and we were lucky enough to participate. Tomorrow is our "sidewalk sale," except you have to come in. Yeah... I know. I cheated. : ) If you're in the Tampa Bay area, then I hope you join us!! If not... no worries... the online shop will have $10 off any purchase of $50 or more. You will be refunded after you pay. I'll issue you a PayPal refund! So, you won't be left out. : ) I hope everyone has a phenomenal weekend!!!
Happy Decorating!

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