This is me and my furry son, Cocoa, this lazy afternoon. Here, I am sitting atop our Eames Lounge Chair. Sooooo comfy... especially with our new (1950s) foot stool... see below... : )
We certainly do not own the best camera in the world, nor do we have the best lighting... so... below is the best picture of our Eames chair that I could take...

This is as good as it gets folks. The rest are from the land of the Internet. Enjoy!

H ow is everyone today? Thankfully, I'm having a lovely weekend. Remember, my weekend begins on Sunday, since I work all day Saturday. : ) So, I'm at home chillin' like a villain right now. : ) My husband is laying on the sofa sound asleep, as are the two dogs and the cat. So, it's the perfect time to write. I decided to write about the Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair because it's such an awesome statement of mid-century decor. Eames in general is a great addition to a mid-century style space. But, these chairs are a lot more comfortable than they look. Although, I would strongly recommend a foot stool (as seen in our living room above). : ) You can nab one on the DWR website. That's where we nabbed ours. Or... if you're lucky, you may find one on Craigslist, E-Bay or an awesome estate sale! They make great bedroom chairs too. Perfect for tying your sneakers!! : ) I hope all of you had a lovely, peaceful weekend. I think I'll enjoy a nice Chai tea now. What do you think?
Happy Decorating!

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