As a very new blogger I've been trying to work out what I should put on my blog...there are so many different views and bits of advice out there. I've discussed this with a few of my blog friends this week who are also new to this obsession fun pastime. So...I've been thinking (always dangerous!)...should I concentrate on finding and posting lovely pictures, tell my story, practise my writing, seek advice from others, share the things I love, occasionally bore you witless with my projects (and just wait until I start the design course in a few weeks...don the helmets and flak jackets then thrill seekers!!) So yep, there's probably all of that, and more, that could be blogged about. And then I found this...and thought to there's a bit of good advice Kez...
So it's largely me being me that you'll be getting I suspect!
Have a really good day. I will be.
image from here

p.s. I got two blog awards this chuffed do you think that makes me!?!  I'll be blogging about them over the weekend, thanking the lovely people who gave them to me and thinking about who to pass them on to...and I'll be using up most of the weekend doing that, because I surely need time to think of something really clever to say!