You may remember I broke my old camera a few months ago and was on the search for a replacement. My replacement is a Canon Powershot SD1200 is and I can't say enough good things about it. I think the photographs have been excellent at 10 MP (judge for yourself though, the last 2 months worth of posts have used this camera); it's tiny and fits into my pocket and is super easy to use. My previous camera was also a canon powershot from 2002 but the difference is really amazing; Technology has come so far!Recently at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, I got a chance to see just how far camera technology has advanced. Above you see a number of cameras from the last century in all shapes and sizes.
This Ansco Cadet has the most enormous flash but is basically the 1960s version of my canon amateur powershot. You need luggage to tote this thing around though, definitely NOT pocket size!
This Thorton-Pickard Mark III Aerial gun from 1915 was used during WWI to spy on the enemy. I wouldn't advise this for everyday use unless you want an adventure in prison!
This little promotional velveeta camera was probably my favorite; so cute! I don't know if you had to save up UPC points from boxes or not to earn this, but it was definitely worth it!
Sidenote: this is not a paid advertisement of the Canon! Actually, the camera did have a fault in that it did not include a memory card and so was not 'ready to use' ! This is a very annoying thing to find out after you get it home and can't even try it out till you find an SD card!!! Canon - include basic memory cards with your cameras, please!