Vintage Turquoise Chairs by TheSundayTimesMarket - $250

Red Industrial Stool by FrenchByDesign - $69

Kidney Shaped Desk by TheLovelys - $125

Black Industrial Stool by swankarama - $42

Old French Sign by ExtraVirginHome - $198

I love red-headed step children. And... no... I don't mean little kids with red hair who have a step parent. : ) I'm talking about that piece of furniture or item at the garage sale or at the flea market that people look at and ignore or don't even notice at all. Those are usually the items I gravitate towards! Isn't that weird? But, it works wonders for me, because I usually get a pretty good deal on the stuff. They are usually the best looking items in your house and the attention grabbers! Put an old, industrial stool in your space and watch people make comments on it when they walk in. It's a fabulous thing! I hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday! It's a gorgeous day here in Tampa Bay. Mid 70s, bright and sunny. Love it!!
Happy Decorating!

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