Tree Hugger 8 x 10 print by Pennywishes - $14

Pipeline Dreams Mugs (set of 4) by IHRTart - $70

Little Hoot Necklace by Candysart - $24

Keep Calm Poster by PleaseBeStill - $39.99

ABC Poster by StudioLyon - $8

There's a special place in my heart for artists. Particularly local artists. Tampa Bay really does have some talented folks running around that don't get the exposure and recognition they should. So, I thought I'd try and find some of these artists on etsy and... voila! I was pleasantly surprised at what I found! Click on the item and it will lead you to their shop. Support artists! How cute would some of those posters look in a kids room? Heck, I'd even put the tree hugger one above the fireplace mantel! And what about that mug, eh? Awesome or what?
Well, I do hope everyone has a phenomenal week. I'll be honest... I'm having a bit of a slow, if not... grumpy start to the week. Why? No specific reason really. Just feel like feeling grumpy. Is that wrong? That's wrong, isn't it? I need to cheer up and quit my moping. It's not cool. Okay... let me re-decorate part of the shop. That will surely improve my mood! : )
Happy Decorating!
P.S. By the way, Frday, March 12th, marks the 2nd birthday of Bohemian Vintage (The Shop). If you join/fan our Facebook page between now and then (just click here), you will be entered in a raffle to win a $25 gift certificate to our online or brick and mortar shop! I'll announce the winner on Saturday!

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