A lthough I'm not featuring a local shop this week, I did want to bring to light two organizations in the Bay Area that are bringing more awareness into the community about the benefits of shopping locally. Local Shops 1 was founded by St. Petersburg shopping expert, Ester Venouziou in August of 2008. Get yourself an LS1 card on www.localshops1.com and receive discounts at numerous shops in the area!
Shop Local South Tampa is still a baby compared to LS1, but it serves very much the same purpose. At this point, SLST consists of about 13 shops in the South Tampa area. Fan them on their Facebook page and receive notices of discounts and other events regarding each shop.
Awareness is the first step. Improvement is easy after that! Let's help out our local economies. Whether you're from Tampa Bay or elsewhere, look to your mom and pop shops for your shopping needs. Trust me... Wal-Mart and Target won't miss you. : )
Happy Decorating!

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