Sarah is a boy’s wear designer. When I shot her room she lived in a shared house, in North London and was in the process of moving, hence the boxes and slight disarray.  Sarah’s room is girly but not in an obvious, trinkets, bags and clothes way. She admits to being a bit of a print obsessive and a lover of all things Japanese.
I asked Sarah… “If your room were on fire, what one item would you save?"…
Sarah – it would have to be my wood cut Japanese print. I used to  look at it, in an art dealers shop in Angel. But never thought I would own it because I couldn’t afford it. So when my Mum and Dad asked me what I wanted for my 30th Birthday, I knew instantly what to ask for. And here it is. Apart from being beautiful, I love its slight strangeness. It sort of reminds me of something you might find in an Aunts house – something unusual that you always go back to and look at… One day, I want to be one of those Aunts.