So the oddest thing has happened here in Houston, Tx...its been like winter time around here! Last week we had actual snow! Yeah, SNOW!!! Supposedly, today is going to get cold again. The funny thing about living on the Gulf Coast is that when cold weather appears, everyone is scrambling to find something to wear! We don't exactly keep winter coats and gloves on hand. So, I'm taking this opportunity to share an online store I'm loving right now called Old Town Clothing. I find it satisfies two of my deepest (usually unmentioned) desires. 1. To dress like I came out of an old movie 2. To wear men's clothing (yes, I have confessed to this before).

Honestly, I would have liked to post every photo on their website...I love everything! Sometimes I try to talk Mark into wearing these type of clothes, but he won't ever go there. Oh well.
Thanks to Ancient Industries for introducing me to this site:)