S uzani embroidery is an old tradition from Uzbekistan. Women used to make these as dowries for their daughters. Today, however, they are an art form that is used in a variety of ways. These fabrics are used in bedding or as framed art. I've even seen purses made from Suzani and they are unbelievably beautiful. Of course, most Suzanis do not come cheap. It's an expensive fabric due to the time consumption and care it takes to make these beauties. But, I'm trying to save up my pennies to get some Suzani bedding and a handbag. Oh... it may take me a few years... but, by God... I will one day purchase some of these!!! : )
A bohemian style decor would benefit greatly from these fabrics. They are vibrant, artistic, and fun. Everything the bohemian heart values. So, go ahead and get some Suzanis today. Or, if you're like me... start saving your little dimes and nickels!!
Happy Decorating!

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