Well, guess what...North Star Antiques was CLOSED!!! Yeah, I made Mark drive all the way over there, just to find they weren't open. Ughh! Just to be clear, I did call a couple of days in a row, but no one responded. Maybe that should have been a hint. Oh well, far be it for me to give up on a shopping trip. Luckily, I did find White Elephant Antiques was open. I'm sure many of you have read about this great place. Its really incredible! I lost track of how long we walked around, because every booth was so great. 

I'm crazy about this display! A board w/ chalkboard paint and the tiniest little hand, holding up music for an automated piano. It a total statement piece!

So, my plan didn't exactly work out the way I imagined, but it was still a blast! I actually have quite a few more photos on my Flickr site HERE. You didn't think I would keep it down to only 8 pics did you?