Stockings by rikrak - 18

1950s Musical Santa by Bohemian Vintage - 22

Elf Shoes Christmas Card Set of Six by TweePrints - 12

Dr. Seuss Art by livingstonandporter - 26

Deer Head by rubyslounge - 375

1950s Megaphone by Daily Memorandum - 45
I figured I'd use December as the inspiration for today's picks. The megaphone seem out of place? Well, it reminded me of a Christmas tree. : ) There! There's my excuse for including it here! Aren't those Elf Shoes Christmas cards just darling? Their designer, Thuy Ma, is a friend of mine and one of our featured artists in the shop. We sell her cards at our physical shop. So, if you're in the area you can swing by and pick some up! I hope all of you enjoyed today's picks. Do you have some suggestions for Etsy Tuesdays? Perhaps some sellers I've missed? Let me know by commenting here or e-mailing me!
Happy Decorating!

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