Trista Page had a brilliant idea in 2006 when she decided to put on some gloves and make some awesome soap!! It's turned into a physical shop located at:
3205 Bay to Bay Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33629
(813) 374-2273
Tell her I sent ya! Maybe I'll get some free soap! : ) (More after the jump)...

I've never wanted to take bath so bad before in my life (except maybe, of course, after sweating like a pig antiquing or something)... but never right after taking a shower. But, walk into this place and you'll want to drop trou in 2 seconds... to take a bath, that is.... (ahem....)...

Owner, Trista Page, is the proud mom of three girls. She told me that one day she decided to look into how to make soap and thought " Hey! I can do this!" Well boy... was she right on! She began working out of her home and eventually opened up Indigo Bee on Bay to Bay Blvd. on November 12, 2008. One year later, Trista's little shop has been featured in newspapers and on TV! Alright Trista!!! : ) Her stuff is sooooo good that the shop was almost emptied out when I got there to snap some pics! She's sold out of almost everything!! Amazing! : ) Enjoy the rest of the pics... more after all the jumpy jumps!

T rista went from getting a degree in Finance (which, I'm sure comes in handy), to being a mortgage broker. I can't imagine that being a mortgage broker is better than what she's doing now. I mean... how much fun! Plus, she's probably totally high on aroma therapy! After smelling this heavenly place, I know I'd be!! : ) Her best selling item? Soaps. Her favorite product? "Buttah Me Up Body Butter." I love the name!! Who wouldn't want to lather up in that? Sounds delish!
When I asked Trista what her biggest challenge is, she replied " Getting the name out on a limited budget." Her favorite part of the job though? Being able to create and meet new people.
I have to say, I enjoyed this interview tremendously. Trista has such a contagious energy about her, it's fab! You can just see the enthusiasm oozing out of her. It's wonderful. Plus, it smelled really good in there... so I just wanted to move in. But, that would be weird, right? Yeah... that would be weird. I hope you enjoyed today's feature. Now, get out there and clean up!!! Shop at the physical shop in South Tampa or through Indigo Bee's online shop!!!!
Happy Decorating!

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