I look at this picture and remember back to my first day of school...25 years ago. Wow! 25 years ago! To some of you that will sound like a long time and to others it may sound like the blink of an eye. But, it's amazing how fast time flies and how much we live and learn each and every single day that passes. For 2010 I hope you and yours are blessed with amazing experiences, love and lots of joy. I've thought long and hard about my resolutions and I came up with five. Here they are:

1. To be the best wife to my sweetheart I can possibly be! : )
2. To buy items more consciously of who's making them and where my money is going.
3. To adopt a vegetarian diet... again. ( I was veggie for years until my hubby took me to Five Guys Burgers one fateful day during our courtship...)
4. To save more money and spend less!!
5. To make my business/blog a bigger success in 2010 and enjoy every minute of it!!

What are some of your resolutions??

Happy Decorating!