A s I sat at the hair salon getting my hair cut, I perused Tricia Guild's Pattern book and almost gave myself a small coronary. Whoa! "There is a bohemian heaven", I thought. And it's inside the pages of this book! How can I jump into this book? Anyone? Anyone? So, of course, I immediately jotted down the ISBN code on the back and rushed home to type it into Amazon.com. I admit, I almost bought it full price at Barnes & Nobles. But, there's a business I'm trying to get off the ground people! Come on! $40 is a lot of cash. So, I had to bargain shop! I scored it, brand new, on Amazon for $15! : ) Yay me!!! Sure, it'll take like 8 years to get to me, but that's okay. The waiting will make it that much sweeter when I grasp it in my happy little hands. : )
I just fell in love with the gorgeous fabrics, colors and patterns in this book. They scream bohemian to me and I just had to share it with all of you. If you haven't seen this book, you've got to get your hands on one. Unfortunately, they have it covered in plastic at the bookstore, so you can't peruse it. Jerks. But, take it from me... it's worth the buy!
Now... on to a separate subject. Bohemian Vintage {the blog} will be celebrating a birthday on Christmas! Yes! Dec. 25th of 2007 is when I started the blog. Guess the fam wasn't that entertaining that day. I must have sneaked into the spare bedroom/office and browsed the Net while everyone took their after Christmas dinner naps. Well, in honor of our little b-day, I'd like to offer a give-a-away! Yes! A give-a-way! Swweeeet!!! So, what is it, you ask? Okay, I struggled with this one. I decided I can't just pick something you all will hate. So, I'll leave it up to you! How about a $15 gift certificate to the Bohemian Vintage shop on etsy or @ the physical store?? Sound good? That way, you have your pick! How is this going to work? Make a comment on today's blog post and get placed into a drawing. I will choose one of you randomly and announce the winner here on Christmas day! : ) So get to commenting!!!
Happy Decorating!

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