hroughout the 1990s, I was obsessed with collecting magazines. It was pretty bad. My mother would get uber annoyed with my collection, but I tried to calm her annoyance by storing my 100s of mags inside of those giant, tacky, Tupperware looking plastic bins. I know, I know... tragic, but true. As I got older, I began to minimize my Vogue, Seventeen, Harper's Bazaar, YM, Elle, Cosmopolitan, etc... magazine stash and replaced it with browsing the Internet, instead, for pictures of fashion and home decor inspiration. Oh how happy my mom would've been if my 100s of mags were just stored in my little laptop under a file folder titled "Inspiration." Oh well. Now it's my husband who benefits from this leap in technology.
Now, that being said, there is still something to be said for the printed word and picture. Nothing replaces the feeling of opening up a new, crisp, bright, fun magazine alongside a cup of Joe and some toast. I get a fuzzy feeling just imagining this delightful treat! : ) So, I am of the idea that you can have it both ways. Keep your huge stash of inspiration pics in your computer, but sprinkle some magazines throughout your home for magazine treat time at the ready! Place them in fabulous mid-century style magazine racks to add style and pizazz to your space.
Like all mid-century style furniture, its lines are sleek, elegant, classic and timeless. You cannot go wrong with adding one of these to your space. We offer some of these in our shop. So, stop by and pick one up! Or, browse our online shop to pick one up! : ) Have a happy and blessed Monday everyone!
Happy Decorating!