Yellow Apothecary Jar by BV 28

Recipe Box by CrankHeartPony 12.50

Nesting Dolla by ArgentumVintage 15

Let The Sun Shine In Poster by slidesideways $28

Apron by BackThennishVintage 18
kay... so I had an obsession with the color yellow today. I know, weird. But, there's just something about that hue that makes me smile. : ) So, all of today's picks have a bit of yellow to them. My favorite? Hmnnn... difficult to decide. But, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the poster!!! How original is that? Fab, fab, fab! I heart the apron too, since I wear an apron at work daily. So, aprons are part of my daily getup. Hope you enjoyed these! Perhaps they inspire some of you for holiday gifts, eh?
Happy Decorating!