I know, I know...one more blogger writing about this movie! I'm just really excited about it too:) I remember so clearly the first time I was introduced to this book. It was via a cool 80's show called Reading Rainbow. Anyone remember that? Anyway, the book captured my imagination instantly. I can't wait to see it. Hopefully, I can take Liam, but I'm debating it. He's only 4 and I'm never quite sure what will scare him and what won't. I've read the book to him a couple of times only because he said it was scary. Maybe I was a little too animated in my story telling...oops. If any of you have already seen it, I would like to get some feedback.
Two of my favorite articles about Where the Wild Things Are, can be found via Mocking Bird
and a blog I just found today called "We Love You So". I am very smitten with both of these sites. I found this adorable video there. These kids are having so much fun and I love their modern furniture too;)