Warning: Some May Consider This Post To Have Too Much Personal Information. Scoffers Look Away!
I sat down to do some blog surfing and ran across this video. It is a Swedish dance group's tribute to Michael Jackson. (Found here) Its just fantastic! Here's the funny part. As soon as the dancing began, I broke down into tears and could barely see the monitor through my fogged up glasses! So, what I think is that I have been in mourning. I don't think its a coincidence that since Michael Jackson's passing, I haven't had two creative thoughts to rub together!
I feel very silly admitting this. I mean I sound more like a 13 year old than a 33 year old. But its the truth. When someone as inspiring and magical as Michael passes away, its like the world becomes a little grayer. Some of you are probably wondering why a Texas girl who loves interior design would take this so hard. I mean I don't sing, dance, or anything along those lines. But it was his Passion! His insane talent and his determination to live in his own way. No matter what others thought. That is what inspired me as a little girl. To be completely unique without apologies.
Okay, if anyone is still reading, thanks for indulging me and my crazy feelings. I'm not sure what to do about all this, maybe I just need some time before color returns to my imagination.