I'm still in shock over this.
Michael Jackson was a major icon in my life. I was 7yrs old when Thriller
was released. It was such a phenomenon that my view of pop music was forever
affected by him. His influence over so many aspects of music are still visible. From the art
of video making, choreography, fashion, etc. Without him modern music would not be what it is today.
I will always remember wearing my red "leather" jacket with the studded shoulders to my elementary school.
Also, in Middle school I took to taping the ends of my fingers like Michael did in his Bad album days.
Ha! I had forgotten that until I saw this video. No wonder kids used to call me weird! I just admired him so.
Of course, I can't pretend that I don't remember all the terrible allegations that followed him around the last
years of his life. I pray for those innocent children and wish that those things weren't true...but who's to say.
Now I just hope that they can find peace. I guess that's why this news is so shocking to me. I'm forced to deal
with my mixed emotions over a fallen idol.