I say this as a joke of course:) Last week at the David Byrne concert, he announced that the audience could take as many photos as they liked. Luckily, I had smuggled in my point ant shoot camera. Yes, I was planning on taking photos dishonestly....its funny, I didn't really feel bad about it until I wrote this, oops.
It turns out the joke was on me because I could have taken my better camera and gotten better pics.
This was the first time I attempted this type of photo, and I found out that is not as easy as it looks. The varying lights, dancing, working around the audience! It was kind of crazy for this amateur photographer.

When I got home, I was somewhat disappointed. Only 2 or 3 photos were sort of clear. So I decided to make lemonade from my lemons. Since many of the photos were so blurry, I took them to another level of blur! It was a very liberating process. Since I didn't have to worry about "ruining" the picture, I was free to do whatever I wanted. Very cool.
So I'm not holding my breathe for Rolling Stone to hire me any time soon, but this was a new and challenging process for me. I think at the next concert, I will know a little more what I'm up against and have a better approach. In the meantime, these off-beat photos are my tribute to one of my creative heroes:)