Gorgeous wood slats overhangs create a sleek & retro look

Um... beautiful. Hello?

Don't mind if I do...
Large windows are an absolute must of a mid-century style home. Bring in the light!

Floating stairs are a nice architectural touch to any entrance.
Bold colors, like this lime green and orange is risky, but worth it. Remember, however, that it all depends on the lines of the home and on the area it's in. Not all homes are created equal. Especially when it comes to color!!

Nothing says "mid-century" like this Palm Springs home. The large sliders and sleek furniture. Ah... to die for.

Want to add a mid-century feel to the outside of your home? Add 3 of these ball chandeliers at equal distances.

Your garden can be "mid-century", believe it or not. Succulents & palms are oftentimes seen in mid-century style homes. I suppose it is because they are reminiscent of the Palm Springs homes era of the 1950s.
I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous homes. Even if you don't live in a mid-century style home, these are still drool worthy and inspiring. You can bring a mid-century feel to your home, even if it's only in the garden. So, go ahead! Get inspired this summer!
Happy Decorating!