Lately everyone has been thinking about how to do updates to their home on the cheap, for obvious reasons. I found this great vintage sideboard on ebay made by Baker and decided to have some virtual fun with it. You can find it online HERE. A quality made piece like this is worth the investment. If you buy a vintage, dated-looking cabinet like this (the blonde ashen wood isn't very popular now, even if some readers do like it!) it's easy to update-especially if it has great lines like this! I would start by lightly sanding it, priming the exterior then spray painting it a glossy black with a few coats. I suppose a more adventurous decorator could go for a bold color, but thats not my style. I would leave the interiors and even the edges of doors and drawers the natural wood to prevent sticking. Next I would update the hardware. I love this Pirouette knob from Restoration Hardware and think the lines compliment the console. Nickel finish of course!
The Gilmore Knob, also from restoration hardware, would work nicely too -and is more masculine.
This would be a great chest for in a large bathroom or dressing area, painted white, for toiletries and odds and ends. The black paint would work nicely in a hallway or foyer as a catch-all. You might even consider leaving just the very top the natural wood. Dated looking, quality pieces like this are easy to find at tag sales, craigslist and your families basement -give it a try!