Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Click here if you are not familiar with this holiday.
I dedicating this post to the people of Mexico and Mexico City who
have been struck by such a scary situation involving the swine flu. There has
been so much hype (too much if you ask me) around the world, but Mexico
has been the hardest hit. I worry that in the future, people will hold the Mexican
people responsible for this and whatever problems it may cause. In my little way, I
want to remind everyone that no one intentionally caused this and it is just one of those
tragic things in life.
To celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Mexico City, I'm posting my favorite song
performed by my favorite band. I'm also introducing a lot of you to thebest band in the world,
that you weren't familiar with:)
Cafe Tacuba hails from Mexico City, and I love them because their music sounds just
like that amazing city. Its controlled chaos! Energetic, artistic, modern and ancient all
mixed together. Also, despite being talented musicians, they never take themselves to seriously.
That's an important trait while traveling in Mexico. If you've never been to that city, I highly
recommend it (after the flu of course).

Its like no other place in the world. Until then, listen to some Cafe Tacuba tunes and start feeling
it in your bones.
Have A Great Day!!