One of my favorite places since childhood is Clayton House in the East End of Pittsburgh, the home of the Frick family which now operates as a house museum. The estate houses a great art gallery and concert hall (free to the public), the house of course which is a wonderful example of wealthy victorian home life, an antique car & carriage collection in a newly remodeled building (which is really magnificent!), a great cafe, green house, and a great giftshop located in the former children's playhouse (in the bowling alley portion!). Seriously...the children's playhouse is a 1500 sf HOUSE. Don't you love the purple roof?! The style is referred to as victorian chateauesque -you can see why!
The stair landing's stained glass copper clad bay window seen here over the porte cochere.
Helen Clay Frick died here in 1984 (moving 'home' from NYC to spend her last years) and left it to be refurbished as it was during her childhood. It's really a worthwhile place to visit! Each season it is redecorated with different family objects, my favorite are summer (awau with the heavy carpets and linen slipcovers for everything! and Christmas of course). I think I've toured the property well over 20 times over the past 15 years! One of the entry gates is seen above, the estate is located across from one of the largest parks in Pittsburgh - Frick Park. Below is the caretakers cottage on the property which I've always just LOVED.
If you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, visit Clayton House!