I am a HUGE fan of Amy & David Butler's design. My favorite book by them is Found Style. It portrays homes decorated strictly with "found" objects that have been re-purposed and brought back to life. Vintage shopping is not only about the "hunt," but it's also about the "use." What will you do with that newly acquired frog or old school chemistry beakers? The frog can hold an old family photo. The beakers can be beautified with a freshly cut flower from your garden (or the local farmer's market). Because it takes such creativity and, most importantly, time, to develop a truly "found style" home, it is a testament to who you truly are. I highly recommend the book (find it at http://www.half.com/ or http://www.amazon.com/). I got mine on half.com and would never think of re-selling it! I love it! It's my guide to vintage shopping and maybe it can become yours, as well.
Happy Decorating!