Have you heard of Egyptian Avenue at the Highgate cemetery in London? I recently came across it and fell in love! The first section was completed in 1839 and was a popular burial spot up till the early 20th century.
This is how a cemetary SHOULD look.The entrance into this section of the cemetary (7 in all) is through a large Pharoanic arch which has lotus bud columns on either side. The stone was once painted to match the ancient Egyptian style but now has corroded away.
Once inside this main gate, you pass 16 tomb entrances (8 on either side) while you walk uphillThis shot is looking down the hill towards the main entry. This 'back door' is less grand but just as interesting. I love all of this stonework!
This 'tunnel' leads you to the Circle of Lebanon, seen above.
Close up of one of the tomb entries. Now I just have to go to London to visit in person!
Pictures via flickr.