Courtesy of Apartment Therapy ( house tour

Happy New Year everyone! : ) I am so glad to welcome 2009! Of course, I welcomed it asleep because I was pretty sick last night. But, I feel better and ready to work on some new year's resolutions! So, here they are. I figured if I post them to the world, I'll be more inclined to fulfill them. ; )

1. Exercise at least 4 days per week. (I'm sure EVERYONE has this one, right?)

2. Adopt a vegetarian diet again.

3. Drink more water! (Again... I'm sure EVERYONE has this one too.)

4. Live simply.

5. Spend less. Save more. (ahem... sound familiar?)

6. Go to Church every Sunday and pray every single day!!! ( We could all use this one!)

7. Make Bohemian Vintage double the success in 2009! That means... double the profit and double the blog visits!! : ) (Help me out on this one guys!!)

8. Be more GREEN! (With everything that I do)

9. De-clutter and organize my life.

10. Actually work on these resolutions daily. : )

Well... who knows if I will actually do these. But, it's nice to just jot down a list every Jan.1st and check oneself. By the way, if you like list making, check out the January issue of Real Simple. It's an entire issue on lists!!! Another suggestion? Get Listography. A book of lists! Find it on Amazon or for the best deal.

I wish you all a very healthy and blessed 2009. Here's to a better economy!!!!