(If you are wondering what this is, its a toddler size body cast made entirely out of tape. Don't worry, this is the first one I've seen too).
I hope everyone is enjoying the brand new year. Around my house, its already proving to be interesting. Here is a run-down of my first few moments of 2009.

It started with being awakened by Liam who had already been up for a while with Mark.

Me: Good morning, Liam.
L: Good morning, Mama. Look at me.
(His entire torso area is tightly wrapped with Scotch tape over his pajamas).
Me: (Gasp) You have tape all over you.
L: Yeah, my Daddy said I look like a cocoon.
Me: Oh, a cocoon, you're right.
L: I need you to change me.
Me: Why, are you stuck?
(Liam takes off running down the hallway)
L: (Shouting) Yeah, I GOTTA GO PEE PEE!!!
He wasn't kidding about needing help. He had wrapped himself pretty tight.