Just the other day I pulled out one of my favorite movies, Roman Holiday. Oh, its so romantic!Audrey and Gregory in Rome...what could be better?! What's interesting though, is that one of my favorite parts of the movie is the tiny apartment "Joe Bradley" resides in. Its such a tiny little space, but packed with character. I always get blown away when they step out onto that amazing balcony with a view.
As I was watching Roman Holiday, I was reminded of another great movie with a charming apartment.An American in Paris. For years I've imagined myself in a charming little place just like Gene Kelly's.
If you haven't seen it, go rent it because Kelly's apartment is a great study in small space living!
In my imagination, all European bohemian types live in apartments just like these.
Surely they do, right? Don't blow it for me, if you know they don't.
I think I'm rambling again, but I wanted to show a real life little abode that inspires me. Ironically, its not an apartment at all but actually a house boat.
For any of you who read Pia Jane Bijkerk, you will be familiar with her "Petit Bateau". It really is so inspiring.
Can you imagine yourself floating down a beautiful river while admiring city lights?
So romantic! I wonder if I could invite myself over for a few days?

P.S. A couple of creative people are allowing me to share their amazing homes with all of you.
More on that later, this week.