Every year at this time I begin to feel like the Grinch. Mostly because I really dislike Christmas music! It just really drives me crazy! Usually its so boring and wimpy. To make matters worse, people start playing earlier and earlier every year. Now, before you decide that my heart is a few sizes too small; let me explain myself. I have a very good reason for disliking Christmas music. You see, I have to admit an ugly family secret...my family liked listening to Christmas music year round. Oh the horror!! In May or September, one could often hear Deck the Halls or Silent Night and so on. I told all of you it was terrible! So if you aren't horrified enough! Who were the most popular artists who sang Christmas music all year? Only people like Perry Como, Engelbert Humperdinck, Anne Murrey...must I go on. My stomach gets tied up in knots every time I think about it. (For those of you younger than I am, and you don't know who these people are...be grateful!) As you may imagine, as soon as I had a choice; I avoided all Holiday music whenever possible. The funny thing is that now that I am a mom, I find myself wanting to teach Liam all the kid favorites. So last year I started to come to terms w/ my aversion. What I started doing was collecting Christmas music that I can tolerate, by artists I like in styles of music I like. Funny enough, now I find myself listening to "My Christmas Music" quite a bit. I decided I would even share it w/ all of you who may feel the way I do. I posted my list on the sidebar, available for those who want to hear it, but I'm not forcing it on anyone. If you want, check it out. (Be forewarned, I have an affinity for Rockabilly).