It had been awhile since I had seen a really GREAT movie in the theater. Sure, I've seen a lot of fun fluff this year that I really enjoyed -but nothing that I would call a future classic. Now, however, I can't say that.

Doubt is so expertly written, wonderfully acted and extremely well made that it is destined to be a classic. Not only does it deal with some important issues but is totally enjoyable to watch! Not many 'important' films can boast that. Meryl Streep has a brilliant performance (of course) as does Amy Adams who finally is getting some decent roles and Philip Seymour Hoffman, who I usually dislike, also portrays his role really well. They each bring these characters to life, their attributes as well as their faults -which is the greatest compliment to any actor I guess. Set in 1964 in a Catholic church and school, the film captures this spirit we so often hear about but also their softer side and a fun loving and effective priest to boot. I think you all know the premise; a priest supposedly takes advantage of a young boy. The actual dealing of it though is intensely more interesting with many twists and turns along the way. While I was raised Presbyterian, my father's side of the family is VERY Catholic (including some nuns and priests). All of my uncles and father attended Catholic school (in this same time period) and church religiously, but all have fallen away from the Catholic church. These issues left me wondering about my own family -why did they choose to leave the Catholic church shortly after this time period? This is brought up in the film, how to make the Catholic church more modern and friendly. I think this film very accurately depicts the time period based on my family photos and dad's descriptions. I would love to hear what any of you think about this! I am in no way criticizing the Catholic church at all -these are just my thoughts about the movie.Trust me, you will love this movie. You will laugh and cry; You will be moved, entertained and touched. Official Website