I spent the other night watching Lagerfeld Confidential. I always thought he seemed to be an overly eccentric crazy (old) man; but I was intrigued. After watching this semi-autobiographical documentary - I am totally in love with Karl! He comes off as very human, but somewhat fragile. A great sense of humor: very polite and friendly with those he comes in contact with, but very serious when it comes to work in a no nonsense German type way. Totally drop dead Chic. A big idea maker, not interested in the details. Solitary. Brilliant.The film is a series of interviews conducted over 3 years and just video watching Karl - very voyeuristic. It starts out slow but by the end you're into the very meat of the biography. You see him working, playing, eating and just hanging out. Topics cover his views on prostitution, fashion, society, life/death, religion, politics and his own childhood. He seems like he would be an amazing friend. I wasn't shocked to see that his entire world is very glamorous -very 'Chanel'. All black and white with no color -pure style. One thing I wondered is he protests so much about how he likes solitude, being alone. I kept wondering 'doth he protesteth too much'? Does he just want a big hug?! Who knows. Now for my favorite part of the film: the filmmaker is in a bathroom at Chanel and there is a sign that says (paraphrasing) PISSING EVERYWHERE IS NOT VERY CHANEL. Ladies and gentleman, I have found my new favorite phrase! I literally paused the movie to go and write this down. From now on, I will say something to be 'not very Chanel' whenever I'm not pleased with it. One more time for emphasis: PISSING EVERYWHERE IS NOT VERY CHANEL.
Karl Lagerfeld with Marc Jacobs posing with posters of their simpson's cartoons shown in August 2007 Harpers Bazaar.