I spent the long holiday weekend in NYC and had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Patricia from PVE! We met at the Charlotte Moss townhouse (more on that tomorrow), enjoyed lunch and then headed over to the Cooper Hewitt museum. The copper and glass entry canopy.The Cooper-Hewitt is run by the Smithsonian(what isn't I ask again?) and is devoted to historic and contemporary design. The 2 shows running now have one on interior watercolors (right up both of our alleys) and one on childen's wallpaper and books. We both recognized a lot of the imagery and products included in this one!The main museum is housed in the Andrew Carnegie Mansion on 5th Avenue in NYC while two adjacent townhouses house other functions. The mansion is wonderfully preserved and I always love walking through admiring all the woodwork and plaster decorations!These candelabra were in one of the interior watercolors along with this clock pictured below. Wonderful to have both the imagery and the actual object to view.
Another portion of the interior watercolors were based on chinoiserie and all that it entails. This delightful and TALL statue was shown as an example.If you find yourself in NYC, go to the Cooper Hewitt to check out these 2 amazing exhibits!