I've read it's important to feel inspired. Specially when decorating and maintaining a home. I've also read that it's a great idea to keep an inspiration folder or box. A place to store magazine clippings of places that inspire you. I have a box. I also have a file folder on my laptop of inspirational pictures I've found online. Admittedly, I am an Apartment Therapy (www.apartmenttherapy.com) addict. I read the blog daily. Sometimes several times a day. I always find inspiration there. So... I always save the pics to my laptop's "inspiration" file folder. Here are a few of my latest pics... try it! Being inspired is a wonderful thing. : )

Happy Decorating,

Great tripod lamp atop a Danish modern nightstand
Great modern pieces with a vintage, mid-century feel. I love that floor lamp!
Of course... a picture with the Eames rocker I so long for....
A fabulous vintage floor lamp to read by. What a great little table too. Fabulously vintage.
I love the peacefulness of this simple, but stylish room. It has vintage pieces, yet it looks clean and modern as well.
This is just another Danish modern table. I love the style of these mid-century furniture pieces. They always have great legs!
Um... how cool are these? Come on. Need I say more????
I love metal tables. I love studios. The look of them. I love vintage items decorating studios. It's inspiring to the artists working in them and they produce something beautiful in return.
I absolutely love the whitewashed floors in this work studio, as well as the vintage stool. I also love the vintage kitchen lamp! How cool!!
I just fell in love with the colors of this lampshade. Too cute. : )