Via Imkemper

Hi everyone. As I'm writing this, there is a tropical storm landing. I'm very glad to say that it isn't very strong, and it isn't a hurricane. So, we are pretty blessed.
Most of us were surprised by the storm yesterday, so everyone was scrambling to prepare. Like half of Houston, I was making a grocery run yesterday; too. I went in mostly looking to buy water, and food for a few days. As you can imagine, the store was hopping. Food carts were crashing into one another, people were pushing others out of there way...crazy! When I finally got to the cash register, I was ready to get out of that place. While standing in line, I looked behind me at the floral department; and couldn't believe what I saw. A young woman in a beautiful dress, picking bunches of daisies! I did a double take. Her gorgeous dress was black with white dots. She had bright yellow leather heels and perfectly coiffed hair. I thought we were at a fashion shoot or something. It was hilarious, to see the dichotomy of chaos and calm, and I was kicking myself for not having a camera!
I wondered, what kind of life do you lead when in an emergency; you need to stock up on flowers?