Several weeks ago, Ronda of All the Best; mentioned she had joined Facebook but wasn't sure why. Ironically, I had also signed up for no particular reason; I just wanted to try it. Well, since then I have found a couple of long lost friends and made connections with some of my blogger friends. Eventually, I stumbled upon a group called Mid Century Modern, where I found this little gem! It is the home of Jason O'Malley and J.R. Craigmile. They are the owners of a modern and fun greeting card line, called Handsome Devil Press. Jason also writes a blog for all of you who can't get enough celebrity gossip...I know I really got your attention now:)
Jason and J.R.'s home reflect their modern sensibility and knack for combining color. The white walls are a great background for accessories that have graphic shapes and bold colors. I'm really impressed with the amazing editing. Nothing seems out of place, but it doesn't feel stuffy. I know that is not easy to do.
After such a great find, you all can guess that I will keep roaming through Facebook; hoping to stumble upon more treasures. (Although, I still don't get a lot of the "lingo").