closeup of the carnegie museum of art -new and old wings with the Cathedral of Learning in the background.

This past weekend I was in Pittsburgh and visited one of my favorite places: the Carnegie Museum of Art. I used to work there so it holds a special place in my heart - plus the building is BEAUTIFUL. You might recognize it as the 'ballet school' in flashdance.Probably my favorite space is the Main Stair. It's a truly awe inspiring space as you can see here.At the base of the stairs. This used to be the front entrance to the museum, now it is lost in the shuffle of the building. Imagine the first impression this made when first walking into the building!Then up to the 2nd floor, truly the main floor with the art exhbitions -the Piano Nobile.Looking up the third floor where the anthropology collection is (not my cup of tea, did not visit this time). This space has the most amazing natural light thanks to the light colored marble that encloses it as well as a ceiling full of skylights. Most of the space in the museum started out as being lit by natural light (nothing beats it!) Now, only the main halls retain this feature.

The museum has some even more astonishingly beautiful spaces, but this will have to suffice for now; you've probably already seen them in flashdance! I will blog later this week about the Carnegie International exhibition, the reason I visited the museum.