Yesterday, I was reminiscing about a trip to L.A., Mark and I made (before baby). It was the first time either of us had gone and we were excited to see all the sites. Being as ignorant about L.A. as I was, I booked our hotel in Manhattan Beach. Lets just say, its not a short drive back and forth. Fortunately, I got to walk around Manhattan Beach, a little; and really fell in love with its charm. All this to say, that I was thinking about the beach; and wished I could be there about now. I also imagined myself having a "summer home" like this one. Its so California. Don't you just picture Gidget living in a place like this?

I admit this house is a little more on the feminine side, than I normally like, but its very cute. I like the wall display and the casual mismatched chairs.

I can smell the salt air from here. All this fun for only a mere...well I'll let you take a look. (Don't look if you're afraid of ruining the fun).